H2X Extreme Water Circus admat_crop

               WELCOME TO H2X WATER SHOWS… with TWO “extreme water show” versions!

The H2X WATER CIRCUS (90-minute performances)

This 14-act spectacle is the only globally touring “Water Circus” that features the world’s top professional Jet Ski Freestyle Riders, Wakeboarders, Flyboarders, Fire Performers, Dancers, Aerialists all set to live music.

This is the ONLY show tour of its kind in the world, and the first to fill global venues with water in the worlds largest portable pool!

It’s Extreme sports meets Cirque du Soleil… on steroids!

H2X Water Show 2017 Presentation Video from Grindco on Vimeo.

WATER SPORTS SHOWS (15-minute performances)

This features Jet Ski Freestylers, Wakeboarders, Flyboarders, Water-Jet Bike Flyer, and Jetboarder.