The H2X Extreme Water Circus is a globally touring live event that features the World’s top professional Jet Ski Freestyle Riders, Wakeboarders, Flyboarders, Fire Performers, Dancers, Aerialists all backed by live musicians.

These are the first and ONLY events of their kind, and the first to fill venues with water using the Worlds Largest Portable Pool!

It’s the Extreme sports meets Cirque du Soleil… on steroids!

Top professional Jet Ski Freestyle performers Back flipping, barrel rolling, submarine dives and other incredible water stunts on their extremely modified watercraft. Wakeboarders flipping and tricking high above the water surface; Water Jet Flyers soaring through the air high above the pool; All performing to a backdrop of music and colored lighting effects, along with Fire girls, costumed Aerial Acrobatic performers, and a live music audience interactive finale will add dramatic entertainment value to these already one-of-a-kind spectacles.

These events will not only attract Motorsports fans, Action Sports fans, Vegas-show spectacle audience, but also curious people who want to see a giant Man Made INDOOR LAKE …and flying Watercraft!

Each event will have constructed a HALF MILLION-GALLON POOL.